Trophy Battery Models

Model 48V100E-1Model 48V304E-2Model 48V220E-1
16 EVE Energy 105 AH Cells16 EVE Energy 304 AH Cells16 EVE Power 230 AH Cells
~100 Amp-Hour300 to 304+ Amp-Hour~220 to 220+ Amp-Hour
~5,120 Watt-Hours~15,360 Watt-Hours~11,264 Watt-Hours
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Trophy Batteries have Premium Build Quality,
Premium Name-Brand Cells, and Heaters for Charging in Cold Weather
Sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) that extends the life of your battery
 BMS displays overall and individual cell status, number of cycles, and fault history
BMS includes charging current regulation,
with current limiting when excessive current is detected
Comprehensive Battery Protections
Protected against Over: Charging, Discharging, Voltage, and Temperature
Protected against Under: Voltage, and Temperature,
with Automatic Activation of Heaters when the battery is cold during charging
Fully Protected against Deep Discharge to extend the life of the battery
Conservative Amp-Hour and Watt-Hour ratings
Automatic Cell Balancing to extend the life of the battery
Battery Heaters enable the battery to be charged at low ambient temperatures safely
and help eliminate frozen batteries that cannot be charged
Soft Start, Automatic Pre-Charge of Inverter Capacitors to prevent damage
Circuit Breaker provides double protection against excessive current draw to inverters
Rugged Construction, strong steel case with cross members, with strong shipping case
Laser Welded Busbars to battery cells ensures long term reliability,
Extensively Tested, Matched and Balanced, New, Name Brand Cells
CAN Port2, each can be
CAN or RS-485
2, each can be
CAN or RS-485
2 RS-485 Ports2, each can be
CAN or RS-485
2, each can be
CAN or RS-485
15.75″L, 18.90″W, 9.60″H32″L, 18.7″W, 9.84″H24.5″L, 19″ W, 9.84″H
~100.4 Pounds~242 Pounds~178 Pounds
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Trophy Battery Model Checklist

FeatureTrophy Battery        48V100E-1Trophy Battery        48V304E-2Trophy Battery        48V220E-1
Name Brand CellsYesYesYes
Brand Of CellsEVE EnergyEVE EnergyEVE Energy 
Warranty Years101010
Non-Prorated WarrantyYesYesYes
Cell Amp Hours105304230
Amp-Hours100300 to 304+~220 to 230+
Number of Cells161616
Sophisticated BMSYesYesYes
Internal Circuit BreakerYesYesYes
Internal Battery HeatersYesYesYes
Battery can be charged in cold temperaturesYesYesYes
LCD Status PanelYesYesYes
Battery Faults Stored in MemoryYesYesYes
Maximum Number of Units in Parallel (in one bank)161616
Can be placed with Front Panel UpYesYesYes
Communicates with many Growatt and other InvertersYesYesYes
CAN PortYesYes 
Dual Ports
RS-485 Ports222
Steel CaseYesYesYes
Full Battery SpecificationsYesYesYes
Cell Test ReportsYesYesYes
MSDS ProvidedYesYesYes
US Based SupportYesYesYes
24 Hour Emergency SupportYesYesYes
Welded CellsYesYesYes
Protected Against Deep DischargeYesYesYes
Auto Cell BalancingYesYesYes