We have a new model of our 48V100E-1 battery

The new model is our 48V100E-2UL battery

This new battery is certified to UL 1973 Standard
by SGS, a National Recognised Testing Laboratory.

While the 48V100E-1 batteries are no longer in stock,
our 48V100E-2UL batteries are an excellent
replancement and are in stock now.

Model 48V100E-1 – 48/51.2 Volts, 100 Amp-Hour,
EVE Power UL Listed 105 AH Cells

48V100E-1 Complete front Panel 2021-10-28-001

Our 48V100E-1 battery Includes sixteen (16) EVE Power UL Listed 105 Amp-Hour thoroughly tested, matched, and balanced cells in 16s1p configuration.

EVE Power is in the top tier of battery cell manufacturers.

This battery is conservatively rated at 100 Amp-Hour (using 16 105 Amp-Hour cells)
with 51.2 Volts nominal and 5,120 Watt-Hours of power. This battery has a 100-Amp Battery Management System.

This battery includes every one of Trophy Battery’s premium features.

Up to 16 of these specific batteries may be paralleled together to provide even more battery power. When batteries are in parallel, they can provide more current to inverters. 

This premium battery is on sale for a limited time at $1,745, which is 34.08 cents per watt.

Trophy Battery’s premium features and Non-Prorated 10-Year Limited Warranty only costs a few cents extra per watt.

When comparing this to other cents per watt, consider:

    1. This Trophy Battery includes premium features not usually found in other batteries, such as heaters, programmable BMS, and Brand-Name Cells.
    2. We rate our batteries conservatively, as we do not count the last 5% capacity since one should not discharge a battery to 0%.
    3. We offer a Non-Prorated 10-Year Limited Warranty. Our Customer-First warranty protects you for the full 10-Years.5

Trophy Battery offers premium batteries that are designed for long life. We use quality components and our build quality is excellent.

To back up our claims, we strive to provide the best “Customer-First” warranty in the battery industry.

Every Trophy Battery includes a 10-Year, Non-Prorated, Limited Warranty.

Some companies claim to offer 10-Year Warranties, but the warranty benefits taper off after an initial period which may be as short as one year, thus they are prorated warranties.

Our Limited Warranty is readily available; just click on “Warranty” in the above menu. We do not hide our warranty details.

Our warranty excludes physical damage, abuse, and diminished battery capacity. The capacity of all batteries diminishes over time, and this depends on how they are used and environmental conditions. Excessive heat is detrimental to batteries. 

If our batteries are properly used, and not abused, the remaining warranty made be transferred to a second owner after we determine that the battery has not been abused.

At this time, Trophy Battery is unique, as far as we know, as we use name-brand Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells.

We currently use two top-tier battery cells, EVE Power and CATL. Both of these companies are widely recognized as quality manufacturers. 

CATL is the largest LiFePO4 cell manufacturer. Their battery cells are considered the best in the world.

Trophy Battery does not hide the brand of the cells that we use. Full specifications, Safety Test Results, and Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available in the Info section of this website.

After years of researching the Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery industry and the batteries that were available, we decided to design/specify new batteries.

Our goal was to build batteries with every important feature, and the highest quality components.

Specifically, the very best battery cells, laser-welded together for reliability, a top-quality Battery Management System (BMS), a User-Friendly Battery Status and History Display, quality battery cables, terminals, and a very strong steel case with proper internal bracing.

We selected a great battery company in China to build our batteries. Note that few LiFePO4 batteries are actually built from the ground up in the United States. Some batteries are assembled in the United States, but even this is rare.

Trophy Batteries are the highest quality, fullest-featured batteries that our high-volume manufacturer has ever built.

Only top-quality components are used in Trophy Batteries. The best name-brand battery cells, a great, programmable Battery Management System, a strong steel case, and quality internal power cables.

All of these items contribute to a battery that is designed for long life.

The battery cells are laser-welded to the busbars that connect each battery cell to the next. This is for long-term reliability, as laser-welding does not loosen over time, due to temperature changes or vibrations.

Our top-quality Battery Management System (BMS) protects your battery. Over-charging, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Excessive Discharge, Over-temperature (Six Sensors), and Under-temperature conditions are detected, recorded in memory, and corrected.

For example, when an excessive charging current is detected, the BMS takes action and regulates the current down to an acceptable level, then after an appropriate time restores normal charging if the current will not be excessive.

If the battery cells or the BMS gets too hot, corrective action is taken.

Trophy Batteries include battery heaters. Every state in the United States, including Florida, Texas, and Hawaii have areas where the temperature gets below freezing.

Most LiFePO4 batteries do not have battery heaters. These batteries cannot be charged when the battery cell temperatures get below freezing. If charging does take place, the battery will be destroyed.

The BMS in Trophy Batteries will detect near-freezing temperatures, then during charging, activate the four internal heaters to warm up the battery, then charging proceeds safely.

Many people may feel that they do not need battery heaters, but the risk of charging a freezing battery is too great.

The Trophy Battery heaters are a critical feature that allows us to offer a non-prorated 10-year Limited Warranty. Without this feature, the risk of damage to batteries is too great.

The following features are included in every Trophy Battery:

  • Name-Brand Battery Cells
  • Soft-Start to prevent damage to inverters
  • Laser-Welded Busbars to the Battery Cells
  • Programmable BMS with every battery protection feature
  • BMS with fault recording in memory
  • BMS records the number of battery cycles.
  • Automatic Charging Current Regulation
  • Over-Current Discharge Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • DC Circuit Breaker for Redundant Over-Current Protection
  • Rugged Battery Terminals
  • Battery Status Display with History from BMS memory
  • BMS detection with automatic corrective action for adverse temperature conditions.
  • Battery Heaters (4) with Automatic Operation by BMS
  • Strong Steel Case with Rugged Internal Bracing
  • A battery may be oriented in any position.
  • BMS is programmed to extend the life of the battery.
  • BMS protects the battery from over-temperature conditions
  • BMS protects itself from over-temperature conditions
  • Automatic Battery Cell Balancing to extend the life of the battery
  • Battery protected against accidental abuse by preventing discharge to 0% State of Charge.

Make no mistake, Trophy Batteries are not budget batteries where compromises are taken to achieve a low price

The Trophy Battery Battery Management System provides extensive protections for the battery cells and the battery overall.

Thus, primary protection for the battery cells is provided by the programmable Battery Management System.

For a redundant second layer of over-current protection,
a DC Circuit Breaker protects against over-discharge and over-charging.

For any battery that does not have a proper DC Circuit Breaker or uses an AC Circuit Breaker to save cost, an external DC Circuit Breaker or Special T-Class fuse should be installed to protect against excessive current or short circuit conditions.

Thus, Trophy Batteries, with their built-In DC Circuit Breakers provide extra protection and may prevent you from the extra cost of these external devices.

All Trophy Batteries include built-in battery heaters as these, along with our programmable BMS allow you to charge your batteries when the temperature is below freezing.

Other batteries without low-temperature protection are vastly inferior as their batteries can be damaged or destroyed by charging, just once, when the battery cells are at freezing temperatures.

Other batteries with low-temperature protection, but not heaters are also inferior. During cold weather, you may need to charge your batteries, but the low-temperature protection will prevent you from doing so. Thus, a bad winter storm, such as that occurred in Texas in February 2020 may leave you in a crisis.

Trophy Batteries support both CAN and RS-485 communications. 

Some inverters may require you to use CAN or RS-485 communication protocols. 

To be very flexible, for now, and for the future, Trophy Batteries support both CAN and RS-485 communications.

Without this flexibility, if you want to upgrade your inverter or inverters in the future, you may find your battery to be incompatible with your new inverter(s).

Trophy Battery rates its batteries conservatively.

For example, our 48V220C-1 battery contains 32 CATL 120 Amp-Hour battery cells. Thus, the overall capacity of this battery may be rated by other companies as a 240 Amp-Hour battery.

But, we rate it at 220 Amp-Hours (AH) for a few reasons.

1. There are always some inherent losses in a battery. This reduces the effective capacity of the battery.

2. We extend the life of every trophy battery by not allowing full discharge to 0% state-of-charge (100% discharge).

When discharging a battery completely, the number of battery cycles is reduced, limiting the life of the battery.

We encourage our customers to not routinely discharge their battery below 20% (extending the life of your batteries).  But, we also prevent discharging below 5% state of charge. 

Thus, we do not count this 5% safety margin in our rated battery capacities.

3. If any LiFePO4 battery is ever discharged to a 0% state of charge, it should be recharged immediately to prevent damage to the battery. This may not be possible in many cases, especially with solar systems. Thus discharging to 0% state-of-charge is a battery life-limiting practice.

Note: Using LiFePO4 batteries with a Solar system is ideal if you adequately size your battery system. Thus, your battery will not be routinely discharged below approximately 30% state-of-charge. This can greatly extend the life of your batteries.

Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are far superior to Lead Acid batteries and are generally more economical long term.

Trophy Battery is a customer oriented company. Our Limited Warranty and our policies are always “Customer-First”.

You may call us, at 803-380-6211, for sales or support questions. For routine questions or support we are open from 9 am to 7 pm Eastern Time.

In addition, for any Trophy Battery related emergencies, you may call us at the same number for support 24/7.