We have a new model of our 48V220C-1 battery

The new model is our 48V220E-1 battery

While the 48V220C-1 batteries are no longer in stock,
our 48V220E-1 batteries are an excellent
replacement and are in stock now.
The new 48V220E-1 battery has the same power,
but is smaller and lighter in weight.

Model 48V220C-1 48/51.2 Volts, 220 Amp-Hour,
32 CATL 120 AH Cells

Model 48V220C-1 48/51.2 Volts, 220 Amp-Hour, 32 CATL 120 Amp-Hour Cells

This huge, powerful battery includes thirty-two (32) CATL 120 Amp-Hour,
thoroughly tested, matched, and balanced cells in a 16s2p configuration.

CATL is widely recognized as building the absolute best battery calls
and is a supplier to major automobile manufacturers.

This battery is conservatively rated at 220 Amp-Hour (using 32 120 Amp-Hour cells)
with 51.2 Volts nominal and 11,264 Watt-Hours of power.

This battery includes every one of Trophy Battery’s premium features.

This battery has a 200 Amp Battery Management System.

Up to 16 of these specific batteries may be paralleled together to provide even more battery power. When batteries are in parallel, they can provide more current to inverters.

This premium battery costs $3,395, which is 30.14 cents per watt.

Trophy Battery’s premium features and Non-Prorated 10-Year Limited Warranty only costs a few cents extra per watt.

When comparing this to other cents per watt, consider:

    1. This Trophy Battery includes premium features not usually found in other batteries, such as heaters, programmable BMS, and Brand-Name Cells.
    2. We rate our batteries conservatively, as we do not count the last 5% capacity since one should not discharge a battery to 0%.
    3. We offer a Non-Prorated 10-Year Limited Warranty. Our Customer-First warranty protects you for the full 10-Years.