Be Prepared for Power Outages
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Trophy Battery offers premium batteries at attractive prices that are great for power outages.

Power outages are the bane of modern living. Whether it is a rolling blackout, a major storm, or other power outage, a Trophy Battery System can protect your food and your quality of life during a power outage.

In areas with rolling blackouts, storms, or any other reason your power is unreliable, you can recharge your battery or batteries when the power is on, or use solar power for recharging, and use the stored energy went the power is off. 

You will need one or more batteries, one or more inverters, and possibly a critical loads panel.

We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and guide you without any obligation on your part. You may call us at 803-380-6211.

With a little advanced planning you can prepare for rolling blackouts. You can keep your food safe and with a properly sized battery system you can keep a comfortable lifestyle while the power is out.

By their very nature, rolling blackouts are limited in duration.
A small battery system, with an inverter, can protect your food and provide electricity for essentials.

A larger battery system can provide for longer duration outages, or to power more of your electical needs during an outage.

It is important to note that you do not necessiarly need solar panels to prepare for rolling blackouts, just a battery or batteries, an inverter, and a critical loads panel.

If you need to provide both 110 and 220 Volt electricity, then you may need more than one inverter or a “split phase” inverter that provides both 110 and 220 Volt electricity.

You may call us at 803-380-6211 and we will be happy to advise you.

If you have solar panels, great! Adding batteries completes your system and provides power when the electrical grid is down. 

But, you do not necessarily need solar panels to be protected from rolling blackouts and other power outages.

Without solar panels, we can help you size a battery backup system which will provide power during your typical power outage duration. A larger system can provide power for an longer outage, or to power more of your electrical needs, such as air conditioning during a power outage.

Without solar panels, for extended power outages, adding a generator may be desirable. In most cases, the generator will be used to recharge your batteries and will not need to be running full time.

We will be happy to advise you, you may call 803-380-6211.

An Uninterruptable Power System is an electrial backup system that comes on instantly, or with a very slight delay when the power fails.

Trophy Batteries may be used to create an Uniterruptable Power System for your critical loads, or larger systems may provide more power to allow you a normal lifestyle while the power is out during typical power outages.

While a generator is nice to have if you expect long power outages, such as those that last for many days, it is not necessary for many applications.

Unless one has a whole house generator, smaller generators for power outages can be problematic. Typical problems include having stale gas, or the generator may need maintanence.

For many, the smaller generators must be set up, fueled, started, and connected to your critical loads. Typically this takes time, and in some cases requires expertise.

But, an Uninterruptable Power System built with Trophy Batteries can be automatic. The UPS will automatically provide power when the outage occurs, and there is no need to set up, fuel, start and connect anything.  When an outage occurs, you will be on backup power (for your critical loads, or more) without an interruption in your power.

We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and make recommendations, you may call us at 803-380-6211.

A large percentage of homes and offices that have solar systems are grid-tied. This means that the solar system can output power
back to the electrial grid. These systems typically do not have batteries.

This means that when the electrical grid goes down, you solar system is also shut down to protect the utility workers. 

Thus, when the grid is down, and you need your solar system the most, your solar system will not provide power.

But, a grid-tied system can be upgraded to work with Trophy Batteries so that when the grid is down, you can still use your solar system to provide power to your home or office.

Most solar systems do not have batteries, since batteries used to be extemely expensive. And some battery systems currently offered for sale by others are still very expensive.

We will be happy to discuss an upgrade with you, please call us at 803-380-6211. We will discuss your needs, and your current solar system components to determine what needs to be upgraded.

In some cases, if you have an inverter that works with batteries, you might only need to add Trophy Batteries.  

The United States Electrical Grid used to be more reliable, or at least it seems that way.

In some areas, the Electrical Grid has not kept up with the demand or has other challenges.

Portions of California have power outages to help protect against wildfires, rolling blackouts during high electrical demand, and other power outages due to natural events.
Power outages seem to be a recurrring problem in California.

Portions of Virgina have fairly frequent power outages.

Areas affected by Hurricanes, and Typhoons can have extended power outages. Tornados are also a problem in some areas.

Texas in February of 2021 had a very problematic power outage that lasted for days due to exceptionally cold weather.

Ice Storms can be very problematic in some areas, including Georgia and the Carolinas causing outages that last for days.

In Northern States, power outages may be more common in certain areas.

The good news, for certain areas, power outages typically last for only a few hours and some are very short in duration. But, they can last longer and it is hard to predict when power will be restored.

Other countries have their challenges also.