48/51.2 Volts, 304 Amp-Hour,
16 EVE 304 Amp-Hour Cells,
Approximately 15,360 Watt-Hours

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Model 48V3040E-2 48/51.2 Volts, 304 Amp-Hour, 16 EVE 304 Amp-Hour Cells


The 48V304E-2 battery weighs around 242 +- 4.4 pounds and is 32" long with handles extended.

This is a very powerful battery, enabling extended run times in a single battery.

Up to 16 of these powerful batteries may be connected in parallel in one bank.

Additional banks of 16 of these batteries may be added to create an extremely powerful system.



The EVE Power 304 Amp-Hour cells are thoroughly tested, matched, balanced, and connected in a 16s1p configuration.

EVE Power LTD builds some of the best battery cells in the world.
This battery is
conservatively rated at 300 to 304 Amp-Hour or more
(using 16 304 Amp-Hour cells)
with 51.2 Volts nominal and approximately 15,360 Watt-Hours of power.

This battery includes all of Trophy Battery’s premium features, including battery heaters.

This battery contains a 200 amp Battery Management System. 

This premium battery costs $4,695, which is 30.56 cents per watt-hour

Trophy Battery’s premium features and non-prorated 10-Year Limited Warranty only costs a few cents extra per watt. When comparing this to other cents per watt, consider:

    1. This Trophy Battery includes premium features not usually found in other batteries, such as heaters, a DC-Rated Circuit Breaker, Large High-Current Battery Terminals, and Brand-Name Cells.
    2. We rate our batteries conservatively, as we do not count the last 5% capacity since one should not discharge a battery to 0%.
    3. We offer a Non-Prorated 10-Year Limited Warranty. Our Customer-First warranty protects you for the full 10 years.


The 48V304E-2 batteries are due in stock very soon as the ship docked in Savannah, GA on January 29, 2024. We expect them to be in our warehouse before Friday, February 9, 2024.

Please consider our 51.2V300E-3UL batteries which are in stock at the same price.

The 51.2V300E-3UL models are certified to UL1973 Standards via ETL/Intertek, have Bluetooth, and are the same price as the 48V304E-2 batteries.

Please note that we also have the 48V220E-1 batteries in stock.


Trophy Battery Model 48V304E-2 Features


Trophy Battery

Name-Brand  LiFePO4 Cells Yes
Brand Of Cells EVE Energy Cells
Warranty Years 10
Non-Prorated Warranty Yes
Cell Amp Hours 304
Battery Amp-Hours 300 to 304+
Battery Watt-Hours 15,360
Number of Cells 16
BMS Amperage Rating 200 Amps
Full Battery Protections Yes
Internal DC-Rated Circuit Breaker Yes
Internal Battery Heaters Yes
Chargeable in Cold Temperatures Yes
LCD Status Panel Yes
Battery Statistics Stored in Memory Yes
Maximum Batteries in Parallel, (Dual Battery Terminals) 16
Front Panel Up Orientation Approved Yes
Communicates with many Growatt
and other Inverters
CAN Port (Each Communication port supports CAN and RS-485) Yes
CAN/ RS-485 Ports 2
Steel Case Yes
Full Battery Specifications  Yes
Cell Test Reports  Yes
MSDS Provided Yes
US Based Support Yes
24-Hour Emergency Support Yes
Busbars Welded to Cells  Yes
Protected Against Deep Discharge Yes
Automatic Cell Balancing Yes
Designed for Reliability
and Extended Life


Additional information

Weight 360 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 19 in